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Meet the unevictIA team

image of Amal B

Amal is an urban planner working in the non-profit affordable housing sector and serves as the VP - Planning and Strategy at Oakridge Neighborhood. Her focus areas are affordable housing preservation, asset-based community development, and spatial and environmental justice. She was a HealthConnect  Fellow with the Mid-Iowa Health Foundation (MIHF) from 2019 - 2021. Amal is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography, Planning, International Development at the University of Amsterdam.

Amal Barre

Project Director

image of Hiba S

Hiba is a Sudanese Muslim artist based in Iowa studying Architecture with a minor in Urban Planning and Digital Media. Rooted in social justice and artivism, Hiba’s passions are driven by finding the  intersection between planning, architecture and art and how those elements impact the environment and the human condition. She aims to co-create spaces that evoke emotion, that are centered around the positionality of self and challenges existing western approaches within her field. Her work is driven by storytelling and interdisciplinary approaches to expressing identity and self within the dynamic context of community. Hiba’s mission in creating spaces that are engaging, healing and present drives her work as an artist, researcher and future architect. 

Hiba Salih


image of Carissa D

Carissa is a senior at Drake University studying both studio art painting and environmental science sustainability and resilience. She has been the Sprout Community Learning Garden Coordinator and a Summer Studio Arts Education Intern. Carissa has a desire to use her knowledge of environmental studies along with her passion for art to activate conversations about the impact on social issues. She will be using art to assist in humanizing eviction data, making it accessible to all.

Carissa Dannen

Narrative Cartography

image of Kaleb S

Kaleb is an interdisciplinary placemaker who seeks to challenge oppression with the commutative properties of artistic expression. He co-creates spaces for self-expression and works with artists to find creative solutions to strengthen the cultural foundations of communities. His mission as a cultural producer is centered in community enrichment, and as such he collaborates with artists from a wide range of disciplines as well as community members who do not identify as artists.

Kaleb Stevens

Planning & Engagement

image of Eriq

Eriq Brown is an analyst and project manager, working across industries including education, community development, banking, real estate, national politics, and for nonprofit organizations. His skill for diagnosing and reconstructing systems lends itself to managing projects in which the interplay of technical and tactical components are critical to the realization of overall objectives. Eriq has been interested in urban living, and the concept of belonging, since leaving his native New York City as a teenager. He is also a certified golf professional, teaching over 12,000 hours since 2005. 

Eriq Brown

Project Management

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